Electromagnetic energy alternative to electricity – Analyst Tells Govt.

By Adebayo Yusuf

A Public Affairs Analyst, Honourable Femi Adebisi says government should key into electromagnetic energy in the air as alternative to electricity

Honourable Adebisi said this while featuring on Pensioners FM Current Affairs programme, “Trending”.

According to Honourable Adebisi, the air contains electromagnetic energy or molecules which can generate power supply through windmills.

The analyst, however, said the lack of political will by the government has deterred the use of air to generate power supply, adding that recommendations have been made in the past.

He advised the government to emulate countries like Costa Rica, United States of America and some parts of South Africa already using air as a source of energy.

Honourable Adebisi noted that power supply from electromagnetic thin air was cost effective, reliable, sustainable and renewable.

Speaking further, Honourable Adebisi reiterated the need for water harvesting which is the collection and storage of rain water into a tank or reservoir to solve water scarcity.

Honourable Adebisi added that water harvesting can also be used for irrigation and prevention of storm and flooding.

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