Every girl child needs education -Afachung

By Michael Adeyemo

The Oyo State Coordinator, Breakthrough Action Nigeria, Mrs Oluwatoyin Afachung, has advocated investing in the girl-child through education, in addressing some of the challenges facing the gender.

Mrs Afachung made the appeal, while speaking on this year’s International Girl Child Day on Pensioners FM’s Political program “The Searchlight”.

According to Mrs Afachung, the challenges facing the girl child in Nigeria are numerous, saying education is seen as a privilege for the girl child.

“Our girls are not just the leaders of tomorrow; they are the leaders of today. It’s high time we broke down barriers that have held them back for long. Education is the key weapon that we must use to ensure that every girl is free from discrimination and intimidation,” Afachung stated.

Mrs Afachung, who is also a Social Behavioural Change Advocate, also advised the public to ensure that every girl child has access to quality education, to help set them free from any form of discrimination and violation.

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