FRSC Harps on Use of Seatbelt

By Adebayo Yusuf

The Public Enlightenment Officer, Oyo State Special Marshals, Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Mr Dauda Ogunrinu has emphasised the use of seatbelts while driving to prevent fatal injuries during road accidents.

Mr Ogunrinu said this while featuring on “Awaye”, a Pensioners’ FM Road Safety weekly program, sponsored by Oyo State FRSC, Special Marshals, RS 11.3.

Mr Ogunrinu said drivers should use their seatbelt immediately after starting the ignition. 

Mr Ogunrinu equally urged passengers at the driver’s right side and those at the backseat to also use their seatbelts for safety reasons.

He added that drivers who violate the code of FRSC seatbelt under FRSC Code of law will be fined two thousand naira.

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