Man Who Claimed to Be Ooni’s Son Apologizes

A middle-aged man who claimed in a viral video that the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, is his father has finally apologized to the revered monarch and custodian of Yoruba customs and tradition.

The apology surfaced online in another viral video released by the self-proclaimed prince on Friday.

In the video released last week, the man claimed that the monarch hid him with his mother with an instruction that he should stay discreet.

The man stated, “Oba Enitan Ogunwunsi is my father. He hid me with my mother with a clear instruction that I must not reveal myself,” while dressed in a white Agbada, speaking in Yoruba.

He further claimed that the monarch’s silence on his identity as a prince compelled him to make the video.

He gave a two-month ultimatum to be invited to the palace, or he would reveal more secrets.

Reacting to the video, Moses Olafare, the spokesman for the Ooni, stated in a released statement that the man in the viral video had engaged in impersonation, noting that the matter had been reported to security agencies for further action.

In another video that surfaced online on Friday, the man was seen apologizing to the traditional ruler.

The man stated that he had earlier seen the Ooni in a dream in 2022, engaging him in a discussion, after which he gave him a wrist bead.

He claimed he had another dream involving the Ooni a month ago.

He said, “I have a reason for creating that video. In 2022, I found myself beside the Ooni in my dream, engaging in discussions. Initially, I was unaware that it was a dream because Kabiyesi gave me the bead on my wrist. However, when Kabiyesi raised my hand, that was when I woke.

“Upon waking, I was perplexed about how I had encountered the Ooni of Ife but later concluded that he is the father of Oduduwa land. Dreaming about him is not unusual or inappropriate. I have never dreamt about an Oba before; typically, I dream about governors, not an Oba.

“Three days after this dream, I traveled to Ile-Ife in an attempt to meet the Ooni. Despite all my efforts, I could not see Kabiyesi, and I departed in the evening after spending the entire day at the Ooni’s palace.”

He said since he was unable to meet the traditional ruler, he resorted to creating the video as a means to attract his attention.

He continued, “I created the video after returning home from Ooni’s palace because I sensed there was a significance behind the dream I had about him. Additionally, I produced music with the hope that when Ooni sees it online, he may extend an invitation to me.

“Furthermore, I reached out to someone in Canada to recommend a contact who could facilitate a meeting with the Ooni. The person recommended to me, guided me through certain protocols, but all attempts to meet the Ooni or have him listen to my music proved unsuccessful.”

Imagenews/Adebayo Yusuf

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