Mandate Teaching, Learning in Native Languages, Prof. Adedibu Tells Govt.

By Adebayo Yusuf

The newly appointed Chairman of Council of Yoruba Elders, Oyo state chapter, Professor Aderemi Adedibu has called on the Ministry of Education to mandate the use of native languages for teaching at the basic level.

Professor Adedibu made this known shortly after featuring on Pensioners’ FM Stewardship Yoruba Programme, ‘Abo Re’ in reaction to the Lagos State University of Education incorporating Yoruba language into its general Nigeria studies.

According to him, many foreign countries use their native languages to teach students until institution level.

Professor Adedibu equally called on parents to encourage their children to speak native languages as it is part of culture.

Speaking on the release of Yoruba Nation Agitator, Sunday Igboho from Benin Republic detention, Professor Adedibu advised him not to engage in a feud with the government when he returns back to the country.

Professor Adedibu, urged the agitator to choose dialogue rather than war with the government.

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