EFCC should connect Nigerians to fight corruption –Ajaero

The Nigeria Labour Congress has thrown its full support behind the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the ongoing battle against corruption in Nigeria.

The Congress President, Joe Ajaero, disclosed this in Abuja at the EFCC Walk against Corruption held on Thursday across various states in the country.

In his address, Ajaero emphasised the critical nature of the anti-corruption campaign, stating, “There’s an urgent need for us to fight corruption, and the NLC will throw its weight behind the agency in all fights against corruption.”

He advised the EFCC to remain vigilant against misinformation, ensuring that genuine Nigerians continue to support their efforts.

The NLC president highlighted the importance of uniting Nigerians in this cause, suggesting that the EFCC should connect Nigerians to enable a mass movement against corruption.

He said, “Nigerians are united in the fight against corruption clearly I think what your agency needs to do is to connect them so that it will be a mass movement.”

He referenced Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s book “The Trouble with Nigeria,” which likens the corruption problem to “putting the goat and the yam” together, implying the certainty of corruption without proper safeguards.

Ajaero further stressed the generational nature of the fight against corruption, stating, “We have to make sure that this fight, we are taking it to the next generation. It’s a fight that we can’t afford to lose. If we lose this fight, we have lost the essence of our existence as a nation.”

The labour leader expressed concern over the impact of corruption on Nigeria’s development and international reputation.

“The sad aspect of this is that people take what they don’t need from generation to generation and they dump it. We are now a laughing stock to some countries where we dump our money, and such cities are so beautiful while Nigeria is suffering,” Ajaero lamented.

In the rallying call to all Nigerians, Ajaero further stated, “My brothers and sisters, I wish to pledge the support of the NLC any time, any day, any moment. We have to come together to fight corruption before corruption will ruin the country.”

Punch/ Priscilla Edet

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